Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guest Writer

Craig here, writing a post about our European Caravan called the Eriba Puck. Here goes! It is a 1969-titled-as-a-1971-Puck in Idaho. We got it this summer and promptly took it out to camp and loved it!

We've had Vanagon campers and Bay campers, but we also daily drive our ACVW's so hauling 3 tons of camping gear around everyday gets cumbersome. So a friend sold us this Puck and we've started tearing it down as it needs some work. We've got an Oregon Coast trip planned in about a month, so my first focus is to get it road-worthy, then I'll start with the fine-tuning.
We'll be pulling it primarily with our freshly redone (I'm talking the mechanic is doing the final checks today and tomorrow freshly done ) 1958 Double Door Panel with a brand-new 1835cc engine. (It has windows now)

We got this bus on casters last May and have been working very hard to get it done, but that post is for another day, this is about the Puck! We've towed it with our 1969 Squareback, and this is definitely another option if we want the Square experience instead.

I just got a shipment from Germany today! I needed some new Hella taillights and Hella reflectors. I ended up getting two taillights and 25 reflectors, so needless to say, I've got 23 reflectors for sale...Cheap! Notice the large stack of reflectors!

Stuff I'm looking for: Window rubber for all 4 windows and Plastic filler moulding (red). I've also got to do something about the tires...they are the original european tires and I don't trust them more than a few miles, but replacements are nearly impossible to find in a decent amount of time, and I don't want to be stranded on the coast, waiting 2 weeks for tires to ship so I can tow her home...but that's just me.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogger....


whc03grady said...

When you say towing it with the Squareback is "definitely another option", can a fellow Type III owner/operator take that to mean it was no real problem? I've wondered about towing things with Gertie....


Craig said...

The trailer tounge weight is around 100-150 lbs max, total weight is less than 700 lbs. We've got a 1776cc in the Square, but I could hardly tell it was back there. We maintained free way speed (60 for a VW, loaded or not) with no problem.

Ludwig's Drivers said...

I'm curious, and honestly not trying to be antagonistic, but what makes you think that freeway speed for a VW, loaded or not, is 60mph?


Craig said...

60 is the VW speed at which I choose to travel. Our new panel has an 1835 and a bug tranny, so we could go a lot faster. 60 seems to be the sweet spot where we have the most fun.

Bob Gavey said...

I could use 2 of the reflectors. Also did you finy any red filler moulding? I am restoring my 1971 Puck that I have owned for nearly 30 years. We are selling it.
Thanks Bob