Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top End Building

We’ve been going to town on the top end of the engine (mostly Craig with minimal assistance from me).

We’re a little stuck right now as the alternator is in the way of the carburetor sitting properly in place. The engine in our splitty has about a two inch spacer between the manifold and the carb, but we can’t seem to find another one of those. Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cool old Boxes

When we bought Doris (the bus with no rear axle from which we stripped the interior), she came with a whole box of bearings, etc. most of which were rusty and therefore trash, but also most of which were really old and therefore cool. Check ‘em out.

This one is my favorite...

...and here's the one where Otto tried to help...

which ended like this (that's the camera strap he's got):

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No snow. Just cold.

This is a picture of me. Apparently I get crazy eyes when it is negative three degrees outside and I am driving a bus. I was proud of Jasmine yesterday though--she started right up in the morning and only died twice.
We did a lot of trying to accomplish things on the bus last weekend without actually doing much accomplishing of anything. We put forth a serious effort on installation of our final missing window…but didn’t manage to get it in. In better window news, however, Craig installed the front windows—yea!! We had previously had several battles with the window regulators and I was dreading the thought of another fight but Craig worked his magic and they’re in! Apparently Craig is much more efficient when I’m not around…

We also worked on the new seat covers. Somehow I didn’t manage to get an “after” picture. We got the new covers on but haven’t yet fastened them properly as we seem to be missing some integral pieces—ergo the trying without accomplishing much status of the weekend.

We also got a new carburetor and distributor. Craig mocked me in this photo. He said it was obvious I was being a smart ass. I can't blame him for thinking that because I usually am. Truth is that I’m sincerely excited in the photo—it just turns out that my face is not well versed in a variety of facial expressions and my fake excited face is exactly the same as my real excited face. Seriously though, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a carb this pretty.