Monday, October 12, 2009


I’m a bit behind here, so I’ll try to keep this interesting enough that you will actually read through the whole thing. Here’s what I will cover (that way if you only are interested in pieces, you can skip ahead): 1) Dubtoberfest, 2) a book I’m reading, 3) new window seals, 4) my best friend—Wolfsburg West 5) working on BB’s camper restoration 6) Oktoberfest.

1) I went to Dubtoberfest on 10/3. A bunch of the local VWs caravanned up to Richland, WA which was a blast. We had a couple of false alarms, but really only one (maybe 1.5) repair required on the trip. One of the guys had an alternator pulley that broke in half. No one had a spare, but fortunately we had one bus on a trailer, so the pulley was robbed from it and we didn’t have to leave anyone on the side of the road to be towed. There were some sweet VWs at the show. I’m working on this art project for my house…long story short—since I already had photos of our local rigs, I didn’t really take any at the show…so I robbed them from Kelly, who takes wonderfully artistic shots. I love them. More can be found here: Also, I picked up a gas cap in the swap meet. (Everyone has their odd obsessions, one of mine happens to be VW gas caps, okay?!)

Cliff's bug won "best of show".

A BPA group shot.

Amazingly original '65 11-window with 28k original miles.

Type 34 Ghia--super sweet.

James' bus. Won a first place award...can't remember exactly what it was, sorry James. :-(

2) This book is so cool. The campers are listed alphabetically and I think I’m up to the letter H—for Hi-Top (those were a real crime!) Craig finally let me order this baby after lusting after it for about a month. (Thank you honey!) It has been quite enlightening.

3) It rained at home while I was at Dubtoberfest and when I got back, I found a big ol’ puddle on Jasmine’s floor thanks to leaks in the windshields (surprise!) I was going to order new seals and Craig suggested that I check to see if I needed any of the others. Turns out that ALL of the windows leaked. So, I’ve been putting in new seals in the pop-outs. I haven’t taken on the rear or front windshields. Hopefully the new seals will help and we won't break the windows.

4) Speaking of ordering window seals, one of my favorite things about Wolfsburg West is that they are SUPER speedy. We received our last order in approximately 48 hours. I love to see their boxes show up.

5) Okay, so I’m not a purist (no surprise here, right?) We’ve been working on BB’s interior. I knew that the camper kits evolved over time, but what I learned this week is that the passenger seat width must have changed at some point as our sink unit is not quite the right size. It must be from a later model. Oops. Also, the drain pipe is in a different location. We’ve decided to do away with plumbing the sink rather than cut a new hole in the floor. Sigh. Maybe someday we’ll get the correct unit. All in all, we are making good progress. We’re going to try to get the engine pieces over to the mechanic this week and I’m ready to start working on the brakes (or at least getting under the bus to look at them).

6) Yesterday was the BPA’s “Oktoberfest” celebration. Lots of VWs, lots of meat, lots of watching people drink beer. A good time was had by all (I assume anyway). This sweet picture was taken of Jasmine and a twin 11-window.


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