Friday, January 27, 2012

As previously mentioned, we recently sold the our '58 Panel, and our '64 Deluxe. What I didn't mention is that we sold them both to the same buyer. Yesterday, the buyer and Craig had a conversation on Facebook which I found extremely amusing because their profile pictures alternate between the fronts and the backs of the buses. Cute, no?

As you can imagine, with the purchase of two VWs, the sale of three VWs (two internationally) and the purchase of a house, all taking place last fall, our bank accounts looked a little...interesting. So interesting, in fact, that our bank investigated us for money laundering. :-| Lemme tell you--that's not a fun phone call to get. I don't know that I've ever seen Craig turn quite that pale.

After providing explanations and bills of lading, the case is closed (knock on wood), but it was unnerving there for a while.

When your transactions look so odd that the bank thinks you are participating in illegal overseas monetary transactions, that's a good sign you should slow down for a while. So...we have. We spent a couple of months with a friend's beetle in our garage--cleaning up his engine and electrical. Tomorrow, we've got another guy bringing his beetle over for a suspension swap. As it turns out--having other people's cars in your garage is MUCH less expensive than working on your own cars (assuming we don't have any disasters involving cars falling off jacks, or people losing fingers, or CO poisoning, or gasoline explosions. Alright, that's enough of that).

I hope you all have VW adventures planned for your weekend...or have a much needed break. Whichever, really.


Petra said...

I'm sorry, but the idea of you guys being investigated for money laundering is kind of hilarious.